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December 15, 2021

Introducing Bitfrost: Digital bridge to the world of finance

Bitfrost integrates digital assets and traditional banking, offering an innovative and versatile approach to solving business challenges in the new digital economy.

The future of the financial sector is closely linked to the quality of obtaining financial services that are universally available.

Bitfrost focuses its efforts on the two significant areas:

  • Cryptocurrency opportunities — offering the products that are necessary to meet the immense potential of cryptocurrency, built on regulated principles.
  • Banking stability — top-level traditional fiat services backed by European banking standards and practices.

This concept realizes our commitment to providing our customers with all the benefits of a unified financial services on a single platform.

We are constantly expanding the range of our financial services, we are also fully compliant with current regulatory requirements. We have implemented a seamless onboarding process with all AML/KYC procedures based on FATF guidelines and EU regulations. Besides that, Bitfrost has initiated a license expansion to provide our clients with global regulatory coverage. We are currently in the process of obtaining licenses in Gibraltar, Switzerland, Cyprus, Hong Kong and the UK.

Our platform is built on the foundation of user-oriented principles. This means that you will find:

  • more opportunities for purchasing and managing assets
  • an improved reporting system
  • a new level of customer service
  • expanding the functions of a personal account for corporate clients
  • an advanced AML/KYC verification system
  • a platform fully compliant with the latest technology and security standards

To make this vision reality, we brought together a team of dedicated professionals with distinctive financial, banking and crypto expertise who genuinely understand the challenges faced by our clients and are ready to provide advanced solutions offering an innovative and versatile approach to solving business challenges in the new digital economy.

Bitfrost establishes a new generation of Financial Services, where digital and traditional assets connect, then evolve together to eliminate barriers and reveal the new financial reality. Today, we are proud to announce that we have taken a big step to bring those beliefs and that vision to life.

And now we invite you to sign up and connect all your finances!